Dr. Toddzilla & Beowulf Kingsley's
House Of Fun

Well, as much of a gas as this first site was, I'm finally archiving it and moving on to other digs! This one will stay up but I'll be doing the revisions and the news on the new site which you can access HERE, or just go to beowulfkingsley.com and there we'll be! Of course, Reptile House Records is still easy to find HERE, or just plug in reptilehouserecords.com to get there that way. And my Myspace address is still Myspace.com/beowulfkingsley, or just click HERE.

I hope you stop by my new place, check it out and say hi!! I have lots of new music, news updates, info on the new CD, more pictures (and a much snazzier gallery), and a layout which should help keep my mental breakdowns at bay, at least mostly! Let me know what you think of it.